April 25, 2011

ol' whitey

No not that Whitey, but the white sucker.

I got into a large group of whiteys holding in a deep pool a few weeks ago. This spot warms up long before other spring sucker spots turn hot, largely due to the wide shallow channel common in this reach. The shallow muddy shoreline is lined with cattails and red osier dogwood, the dark bottom warming up much quicker than other parts of the sandy, rocky stream substrate. This warmer bottom helps heat up the water sooner in these shallow reaches, drawing in eager fish staging to spawn.

the pool
The 7 weight Level Series from Rise that I used to subdue these beasts may have been a bit overkill, but it still performed flawlessly. The tip was nimble enough to effectively tightline nymph my tungsten bombs through the current seams. One fish actually got down into the heavy current near a fast run and nearly had me into my backing. The rod doubled over. Half in surprise, I enjoyed fighting the fish in the rough stuff and the rod handled the rough stuff like a porn star. The first true test of fighting roughfish and the Rise rod rose to the challenge. Well done.