December 10, 2010

A call to order

Last week I summoned the challenge to tie some traditional trout flies. It wasn't a call to order for producing flies specific for trout, but rather a trial of dogma and doctrine amongst the clandestine rogue tyers of the roughfishing underworld. It's not that we couldn't do it, it's that we didn't want to. For me it was a shakedown of discipline and adherence. Drew Price answered the call and responded in sort: a swarm of stoneflies. Before the rest of mainstream fly tying has us pegged, here goes to show that us brownliners can tie trout too.

A rally cry from the vise of brother Drew, Semper Catostomidae!


  1. Looks tasty Drew.....they'd even fool the weary ol' Dog river brown

  2. very nice stones! that dude can tie man!
    great summer run steelhead bug as well