July 26, 2008

roughfisher.com launch

roughfisher.com has been launched. The site is still in its infancy, with the bulk of the site consisting of this blog. I hope to continue to develop a good database for roughfish fly patterns, fly fishing tactics and techniques, and a decent species photo collection.

With other fly fishing sites out there like Singlebarbed and Buster Wants to Fish, the bar has been lowered; even brownliners like myself can now publish on the web. There is no such thing as dignity online anymore. It's a 'bubba' world out there.

I am no web guru or html/script writing genius, so if my code is sloppy and all messed up, tough. I respect any constructive comments or criticisms of the site; utilize the "Contact" link if you feel the need to express your mind. Of course, if I don't like what you have to say I'll just tell you go to funk-off. Nice right? If you want to add or contribute to the site in any way you are welcomed to do so, at the modest price of your self respect and reputation. Hey, nobody said that being a roughfisher is easy.

Serious inquiries only; no spam or I'll kick you in the nutz.

I gotta quit spending time behind the computer and hit the stream already. Tight Lines!

- the roughfisher


  1. Cool set up there. I had never read your "Caveat Emptor" until tonight - solid outloud laughts on that one.

  2. Good work, Roughfisher. Careful or you'll make rough fishing respectable.

  3. Careful, while you're puzzling over HTML code, I'll be out in the jungle eating rat meat, growing stronger!

    Good luck on the new site.