January 24, 2008


Well my new Scott ARC 10’ 8 weight rod arrived last week. This rod is cherry. It has a great feel in your hand. It has a western grip, which is not common on typical 8 weight rods, (usually on lighter weight rods), but I feel that it will allow you to have better line control with your rod, as I often notice you get a better feel of the rod in your hands with a western grip than a double wells. The taper on this rod is nothing short of astounding; it is progressive with a medium fast action. This rod should have plenty of backbone to punch bombers deep into a strong headwind, yet be nimble enough to place a size 10 beadhead nymph along that current seam 15 yards in front of you. The balance of my new reel (Lamson Velocity Hard Alox 3.5) on this rod is perfect. The empty weight of the rod and reel combine for a measly 10.15 ounces, just a hair over half a pound. That is incredible. This new combo is a sweet setup that will be able to handle big fish under trying conditions. The only drawback is the fact that it’s January right now, and I need to wait a few months before being able to fish the rod. In the meantime, hopefully I can fight off the cabin fever with some fly tying. Tight Lines!

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