October 27, 2006

Last Days

With only a few days left in the Stream trout season (lakes), I headed down to my local trout lake. While watching the sun rise, I managed to hook into my first trout. Not much for size, about 10″ long, but still a good fight nonetheless. Gotta love those rainbows! The water temps had cooled down considerably and much of the emergent vegetation finally receded. Thoughts of ice fishing this lake this winter filled my head. The rustling of leaves quickly diverted my daydreaming to a forked buck browsing behind me. After a few moments, the buck passed, and I resumed my attention to the task at hand, fishing. I caught a few more yearlings before I finally hooked into something nicer. After a few minutes of fighting the fish, I finally landed the rainbow, it measured about 15″. I’ve caught bigger trout before, but this was nice. I hadn’t been trout fishing since Fourth of July weekend in the Superior National Forest and BWCAW. All in all, I caught 8 trout this morning, two of decent size. It was nice to get out one last time for trout this season and enjoy the fall breeze in my face. Before long, winter will be upon us and I will be back in a few months chasing those trout on the ice.

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